My 2018 Writerly Resolutions

By Rob Brunet

It’s still early enough in the New Year for me to get around to making a few resolutions that will make me a better writer this year. In the overhanging spirit of giving, let me share them with you.

In 2018, I resolve to:

  1. Watch copious amounts of episodic television on Netflix, because art imitates art, and the longer I sit in front of the screen soaking up well-crafted immersive stories written by others, the sooner my inner creator will emerge.
  2. Be ridiculously witty on social media, because the more I hang out online, the more everyone else who does the same will want to read what I write when I’m offline.
  3. Re-read all the crap I wrote in high school, because our best ideas spring from a time when we knew more than anyone else about everything.
  4. Miss all the deadlines presented to me, because writers are notorious procrastinators and if I want to be a real writer, I should start acting like one.
  5. Stop reading, because readers read and writers don’t have to.
  6. Find an adverb- and adjective-only thesaurus, because if I feverishly embellish every last misbegotten noun on the page, my magnificent prose will attract the adoring attention it deserves.
  7. Begin three new projects for each one I fail to complete, because if I have eleventy-seven files open on my desktop something incredible is bound to burble to the top.
  8. Drink copious amounts of amber alcohol, because drunk writing makes me feel masterful, and when I drool over the page, my ravings become authentic and indecipherably genius.
  9. Live as a recluse, because other people have too much to say, and all I really need to listen to are the insanely compelling voices in my own head.
  10. Learn to play guitar, take up painting, and start making my own beer, because every creative outlet I can find will augment the one I care about most.

Wishing you the most productive year writing you’ve had yet. Meanwhile, tell me in the comments what you’re doing in 2018 to make sure you grow as a writer? C’mon. Distract me.

ROB BRUNET writes character-driven crime fiction laced with dark humor. His debut novel STINKING RICH was listed on Crimespree Magazine’s Book Picks for 2014 and named one of the year’s top debuts by Mystery People. Brunet’s short crime fiction appears in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Thuglit, Crimespree, Noir Nation, Shotgun Honey, Out of the Gutter, and numerous anthologies. He loves the bush, beaches, and bonfires, sharing his time between the Kawarthas and Toronto, where he teaches creative writing at George Brown College.

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