Our Fall Project: Meet Your Region

By E.A. Aymar

Regular readers of The Thrill Begins know about our enthusiasm for different projects. Last fall, members of our Murderers’ Row interviewed book critics and bloggers; this spring, they (along with Jenny Milchman and myself) had the chance to interview their literary heroes.

This fall, TTB’s Murderers’ Row is going to write about the importance of regionalism; specifically, it’s necessity in regard to their writing. “The best American fiction,” Flannery O’Connor famously wrote, “has always been regional,” and this is a lesson that aspiring and debut writers would do well to both remember and practice.

This series kicks off next Thursday, and we’ll post a new column every Thursday after that. The contributors for this project stretch from Seattle to New York, and hit a lot of places in between. We hope this project gives you a sense of the literary community in these locales and, once we’re finished, an idea of the high priority writers place on the diverse, unique, and often eccentric elements of their hometowns.

(Also, it’s a chance for us to get back at our high school bullies. We may write thrillers, but we’re still writers. We weren’t the cool kids.)

(Speaking of our regular contributors, congratulations to Shannon Kirk on the publication of her new novel, THE EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY OF VIVIENNE MARSHALL! Learn more about it here.)

E.A. Aymar is the Managing Editor of The Thrill Begins.