Recent Debuts – February 2016

Congrats to the following ITW Debut Author on his recent release!


Dustin Dodd

After working a graveyard shift, K9 Officer Daniel Deacon gets an unwelcome call ordering him back to work. Deacon and his K9 partner, a German Shepherd named Justice, return for a long overtime swing shift in the heat of Central Valley, California. When an undercover drug sting goes south and the manager of the local electronics big-box store, Jessica Grady, discovers that she has a serious theft problem, Deacon and Justice are pulled into a dangerous web of deception, betrayal, and murder. Exhausted from the long hours and lack of sleep, Deacon chases and shoots a suspect—who was about to kill Jessica—only to discover he has just shot the wife of the local drug lord. Although he had no choice, his actions have put him, Justice, and Jessica on a deadly assassin’s hit list.